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Welcome to a blog about a film-maker, one who could be described as a story teller with an experimental approach to technology.

Hello, my name is James Tomkinson and this is my microscopic slice of the world wide web which should give an idea of what I do.

I think we can agree that people make films in a number of different genres. Mine is drama, a human story of either fact or fiction recreated in a gripping performance. Although that isn’t a dictionary definition it is what I write and capture either ‘in camera’ or on-stage.

An interest in building things has stayed with me throughout my younger years. I have to admit my DIY skills could use a little polishing yet that didn’t stop me from designing and refining the designs for my stereoscopic 3D rig since 2010 the results of which are on my YouTube channel.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Beware the moon


Here is a sample of an upcoming project. Lens reviews. Not unfamiliar territory I know however I though seeing as I spend a good deal of my time using lenses to film things I should take it upon myself to understand a little more about how they work. The above image was shot with a 500mm prime lens, so not the nifty fifty but the abundant five-hundred. That was awful, I do apologies.

More to the point, I hope to cover the following about each lens I review:-

Image quality
o    Sharpness – in the centre of the image and the corners

Image artefacts
o    Vignette
o    Distortion
o    Onion effect
o    Chromatic adoration

Construction material 


Operational behaviour
o    Zoom
o    Tactile Switches

Features and extras 
o    Vibration Reduction
o    Auto Focus
o    Filter threads
o    Lens hood

Lens weight

Now I may not be able to test all of these for every lens and I may add things to this list if I think of more point to discuss between now and the reviews release. This should be interesting on way or another.

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