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I think we can agree that people make films in a number of different genres. Mine is drama, a human story of either fact or fiction recreated in a gripping performance. Although that isn’t a dictionary definition it is what I write and capture either ‘in camera’ or on-stage.

An interest in building things has stayed with me throughout my younger years. I have to admit my DIY skills could use a little polishing yet that didn’t stop me from designing and refining the designs for my stereoscopic 3D rig since 2010 the results of which are on my YouTube channel.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

The Rivals


I’ve headed down south for this character.

Ok, no not literally. This time I was back at Little Moreton Hall for my second acting role, this time as Thomas the coachman in Richard Brinsley Sheriden’s “The Rivals”. Now let me explain the “heading south” statement. For this role I had to learn how to speak in a board Summerset accent.

Now accents have never been my strong suit. I have been known to make attempts at Welsh only to somehow end up enunciating in Indian. Don’t ask me how I managed that and I apologies to both those cultures as neither accent could be called convincing.

Thankfully I had the help from two very experienced cast members who gave me advice both on how to maintain the accent without losing my diction as well as how to project.

In the end all of the coaching and practice paid off as I was awarded a society award for my Summerset accent.

Now the weather was glorious which for me was both a blessing and a curse. On the up side we had all six of our productions outside in lovely evening sunshine but this resulted in a costume problem for me. I had to wear some chest padding under my coat to bulk me out a bit. As a result I was steadily cooking until the evening had progressed to dusk. I should say that this didn’t detract from the enjoyment of acting in this production at all.

Although I have to be frank and say that there is still plenty of room for improvement with my accents.

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