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An interest in building things has stayed with me throughout my younger years. I have to admit my DIY skills could use a little polishing yet that didn’t stop me from designing and refining the designs for my stereoscopic 3D rig since 2010 the results of which are on my YouTube channel.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

GoPro Fireworks


GoPro Fireworks

What damage can a firework do to a GoPro Hero 2 camera? Answer, none.

Ok, that answer may vary some-what depending on the size and power of the fireworks used, however in the tests I did on bonfire night my cameras survived being placed directly under rockets, roman candles and fountains and were completely unscathed.

A fountain firework filmed with a GoPro Hero 2 placed almost directly underneath it

These fireworks were quite small and therefore didn’t push the GoPro’s protective case to the limit. However this was a good thing, as it is likely that larger fireworks would have produced more sporadic looking footage.

These tests we’re shot at 120fps. This was to achieve a slow-motion effect and to clean up the video by utilising a faster shutter speed, thus reducing the motion blur effect that could have resulted at 30fps.

 A rocket taking off

Don't get me wrong, I do have respect for my equipment. I'm not usually putting my cameras in harm's way, however seeing as the cameras sustained more damage from the soil they were sat on, than the actual fireworks, and looking at the results that I got I would say the risk paid off.

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